Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency provides high quality Russian translation & attestation, apostille and certification services in Turkey for all kind of Russian certificates.

Russian translation, notarization and apostille is needed for all the documents to be officially valid in Turkey for the certificates issued in Russia.

How to Legalize or Apostille Russian Documents in Turkey

There are 2 options for a Russian certificate to be officially accepted in Turkey.

1st option is: as Russia is a member of the Apostille convention, the certificates need to be apostilled in Russia, and brought to Turkey in this way. Then, it will be translated into Turkish by our agency and notarized, so it will be valid in Turkey.

2nd option is: if the certificate is not apostilled in Russia and brought to Turkey without apostille, it needs to be attested from the Russian embassy in Turkey, Ankara. After the attestation from the Russian embassy / consulate, we will translate the certificate into Turkish, notarize and attest from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara, so it will be officially valid in Turkey.

The Russian embassy can also issue some certificates in Turkey, if you have not received the certificates from Russia.

Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency provides translation, notarization, apostille & Ministry attestation services fro all kind of Russian documents.

Turkish Citizenship for Russian People

Russian citizens can get Turkish citizenship through investing in Turkey for USD 250,000. When Russian people buy a property in Turkey for the amount of USD 250,000, they will have the right to be a Turkish citizen. Or, they will deposit USD 500,000 in a Turkish bank. There are some rules for this such as not selling the property for 3 years, etc.

In order to buy a property in Turkey, you just need to come with your passport. Then, Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency will help you with the rest with our partners and lawyers among great selection of properties in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir cities.

After buying the property, Russian people need to provide their marriage certificates, birth certificates for themselves and children, if any. These certificates will be translated into Turkish, notarized and attedted as stated above to be valid in Turkey.

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