Marriage is a holistic procedure carried out since the creature of human being. Every civilization has had their own marriage ceremonies with special, colorful, religious and traditional events.

With the development of social media and global communication, now there is no border between people. Lovers can contact easily and make decision for marriage anywhere in the world.

Turkey, located in the Euroasia region, is one of the most popular destination countries for civil marriage of foreigners. It is possible to get married in Turkey for all people from all over the world.

How to Get Married in Turkey

Turkish Marriage Law and regulations allow the marriage of two foreigners in Turkey, or marriage of one Turkish citizen with a foreigner. The foreigners with the same nationality or different nationality can also get married in Tukey. The marriages performed in Turkey is officially accepted all around the world, and it has some specific requirements.

Municipalities are authorized to carry out the marriage procedures in Turkey. The couples must apply to the marriage offices of the municipalities to get appointment for their marriage with some documents. Here is the list of documents required for marriage in Turkey:

  • Certificate of celibacy / Single status certificate / Certificate of legal capacity to marry: The certificate of celibacy must state that there is no objection to the marriage of the relevant person.
  • Birth certificate: It must clearly show the mother’s name, father’s name, place of birth and date of birth.
  • Notarized Turkish translation of the passports,
  • Health Report from Turkey: Couples are required to submit a photographed, sealed and signed health report stating that there is no disease that prevents them from getting married, as per Article 136 of the Turkish Civil Code, from Family Practices which are authorized to give health reports for foreigners. Health report is mandatory for both men and women.
  • 4 (Four) passport photos: The photos must have been taken within the last six months, be in color in accordance with the Turkish Marriage Regulation (Forehead and chin must be open for headscarved photos).
  • Certified interpreter: If the couples don’t know Turkish, they have to bring certified interpreter for appointment and marriage ceremony.

All the certificates can be received from the own countries of the couples or their embassy/consulates in Turkey. If the certificate is received from the official authorities in their own countries, the certificates must be apostilled before coming to Turkey. If the relevant country is not a member of the Apostille Convention, the certificate must be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the issued country. After the attestation of the Ministry of FA, the certificate can be attested from the Turkish Embassy/Consulate in this country, or from its own embassy/consulate in Turkey. Then, it will be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara and will be officially accepted by the municipalities in Turkey.

Refugees with protection status in Turkey can apply with a Marriage License Document they will receive from the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management (İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü). (Such as identity and address information.) At the same time, the application should be made by obtaining a Certificate of Residence from the headman of the place of residence.

Important Notes for the Marriage Certificates

  • If the woman is widowed, the date of death of her husband must be written, and if she is divorced, the date of divorce must be written in the certificate of celibacy.
  • Divorced or widowed woman must bring a Birth Certificate stating her maiden name.
  • Certificate of celibacy must have an expression stating that there is no objection to the marriage of the relevant person.
  • Applications of those whose passport visa and residence permit have expired will not be accepted.
  • All the names in the certificates and passports must be the same, identical. Otherwise, it is not possible to get married if there is any difference between the certificates.
  • Validity of the certificates is 6 (six) months after the date of issue.
  • Both of the couples must be present for submitting the documents. and marriage It is also possible to get appointment with an official power of attorney.

How Do We Help You with Marriage in Turkey?

Getting married in Turkey is quite easy if you work with a professional. Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is experienced in marriage procedures in Turkey with its experts in Ankara & Istanbul.

When you decide to get married in Turkey, we will help you with all the steps including but not limited to:

  • Translation, notarization & attestation of the certificates,
  • Getting the health reports in Turkey,
  • Submitting the certificates to the marriage office to get an appointment for the marriage,
  • Arranging a certified interpreter for the marriage ceremony,
  • Arranging the witnesses & a professional photographer, if needed,
  • Paying the marriage fee to the marriage office on your behalf,
  • Organizing a marriage proposal before the marriage, and marriage ceremony in special places,
  • Translation, notarization & apostille / embassy attestation of the marriage certificate to be officially acceptable in other countries.

How Long Will Be An Appointment for Marriage in Turkey?

Depending on the municipality where you want to get married, and depending on the seasons, it may change from one municipality to another in Istanbul or Ankara. It is possible to get an appointment for 1 week later or 2 months later.

How Much Will It Cost To Get Married in Turkey

Marriage fees differ from one municipality to another. If you want to get married in weekends and in special rooms, it may cost around USD 120 to USD 300 depending on the charges of the municipalities. But, if you prefer the cheaper options, it may cost around USD 70 to USD 150 by municipalities. These prices are for the municipalities, and they may change from time to time.

Please get quote for the costs of other services by email or WhatsApp.