Foreign nationals or Turkish citizens who live abroad may need some official documents from the Turkish authorities in Turkey to submit to the relevant bodies in their country of residence. Such documents / certificates must be issued by the official authorities in Turkey, and translated into the official language of the relevant country if necessary, notarized and apostilled for being officially accepted.

If you want to learn how to get a certificate from Turkey, you will find a detailed information in this article.

How to Get a Certificate from Turkey

If you have worked or lived in Turkey for a period of time, you may be requested to provide a police record / police certificate from Turkey by European countries. And, if you studied in Turkey, you may need to collect your diploma or other educational certificates from Turkey. Whatever you situation is, we are always here to help you with receiving your documents from Turkish governmental offices.

Whether you are a foreigner or Turkish, there are 2 ways to receive an official document from Turkey:

  1. You need to apply in person to the relevan authority to get your document, and then you need to have it translated, notarized and apostilled / attested from the embassy/consulate.
  2. You can give a power of attorney to a person to collect your documents from the Turkish authorities.

Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is ready to help you with collecting your documents. You can give a power of attorney to one of our experts and rest assured. Our experts will collect your certificates, translate into the target language, notarize and apostille for the target country or attest from the relevant consulates.

Which certificates can be collected with a POA?

Almost all of the documents / certificates can be collected with an official power of attorney. Most requested certificates from Turkey are:

  • Police record / Criminal record certificate
  • Birth certificate / Birth report
  • Marriage certificate
  • University degree / diploma
  • Other certificates from Turkish authorities

In order to be able to get the abovementioned certificates in Turkey with a POA, the POA must be issued officially (eg. in a notary public) and apostilled. If the issued country is not a member to the Apostille Convention, then it must be attested from the Turkish embassy in the rellevant country.

After receiving the official POA, we will have it translated into Turkish and notarized to be accepted by the Turkish authorities for document collection.

Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency will always help you with collecting your documents and other procedures. Please contact us at WhatsApp for quick reply, or email.