Cyprus is an attractive education center for foreign students from all over the world. Especially the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has many international universities and many students studying in many fields. There are many private international universities in the Northern Cyprus.

Here is the list of Northern Cyprus universities:

1. University Of Kyrenia
2. Near East University
3. Eastern Mediterranean University
4. Rauf Denktas University
5. Girne American University
6. European University Of Lefke
7. Bahçeşehir Cyprus University
8. Final İnternational University
9. Cyprus Health And Social Sciences University
10. Cyprus West University
11. University Of Mediterranean Karpasia
12. Cyprus Science University
13. Arkin University Of Creative Arts And Design
14. University Of City İsland
15. İstanbul Technical University Trnc Education – Research Campus
16. Netkent Mediterranean Research And Science University
17. Ataturk Teacher Training Academy
18. Cyprus İnternational University
19. American University Of Cyprus (Auc)

The universities in the Northern Cyprus are subject to the rules and legislation of the Council of Higher Education (YOK) in Turkey. Therefore, all the diplomas and degrees received from these universities are accepted all over the world through attestation in Turkey.

How to Apostille Cyprus Diplomas

The diplomas / degrees received from the Northern Cyprus can be apostilled in Turkey. It is not possible to make apostille in Northern Cyprus as the NC is not a member of the Hague Convention. Therefore, Turkey provides apostille for the certificates and diplomas issued in the Northern Cyprus as long as they are attested from the Turkish embassy in Cyprus.

How to Attest Cyprus Diplomas and Certificates in Turkey

In addition to the apostille, there is another attestation procedure for the countries not member of the apostille convention. The certificate must be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from the relevant embassy or consulates in Turkey.

You just need to send the original or scanned copy of your documents to perform all kind of translation, notarization and apostille attestation procedures in the Cyprus and Turkey.

Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is ready to help with apostille and attestation of your documents both from the Southern & Northern Cyprus and Turkey.

You can find more information here about Apostille in Turkey.