United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the countries for which many documents are legalized from the UAE embassy in Turkey. Many Turkish citizens are moving to UAE cities such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi in order to work there or study.

How to Attest Documents from UAE Embassy / Consulate in Turkey

Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is providing turn-key services for all kind of commercial or individual documents to be attested from UAE embassy in Turkey.

Document attestation from UAE Embassy has important steps to be followed carefully. Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is an expert for such kind of transactions. There is a chain of legalization process. Here are the steps to legalize/attest the documents issued in Turkey from the UAE embassy or consulate:

  1. You need to send us the scanned copy of the documents or original copies if you want the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy attestation on the original.
  2. If there is no English or Arabic version in the document to be legalized, we translate it into English or Arabic and notarize to be accepted legally.
  3. If there is English or Arabic version in the document to be legalized, we can directly legalize it with the original or notarized copy depending on the client’s request.
  4. If the document is an educational certificate such as diploma or transcript, it is legalized by the Ministry of National Education in Turkey.
  5. If it is another type of document, it is legalized by the governor’s office or district governorship.
  6. It is legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  7. It is legalized by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in Turkey. However, there is an online attestation system of the embassy and only the authorized companies can use this system.
  8. After all this process, the document is finally attested for use in UAE, Dubai and other cities legally.

All this process takes around 3 days depending on the workload of the institutions. And, these steps are charged differently based on the document type and attestation required.

Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is duly authorized to carry out all these attestation steps. After completing the attestation, we ship your documents to your address safely with DHL or FedEx which costs around USD 40 to 70 from Turkey.

Before shipping your document, we also send you the scanned version for your reference.

In order to get quote for your document legalization & attestation from the UAE Embassy / Consulate in Turkey, please contact us now.

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