Saudi Arabia is a very big country having important commercial & cultural relations with Turkey. Many Turkish people are working in Saudi Arabia, and many Saudi Arabians working or studying in Turkey.

In order to be able to live, study or work in Turkey or Saudi Arabia, there are specific requirements for each country including the attestation of educational certificates, police certificates, family records, etc.

How to Attest Certificates from Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) & Embassy in Turkey

There are specific procedures for document attestation in the KSA embassy in Ankara or Istanbul. First of all, the documents must be official documents and they have to be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before submitting to the embassy or consulate. Attestation fees may be different for personal and commercial business certificates.

When you submit your certificates for attestation, the Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency performs all the required jobs including translation, notarization, attestation from the relevant Ministries & Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attestation from the KSA embassy, sending you a scanned copy and finally shipping to your address by DHL / FedEx.

Regarding the attestation of the educational certificates from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission – SACM, there a specific steps to be followed:

  1. You need to send your employment contract from KSA attested from the chamber of commerce (if it is not e-signed, you need to send the original hard copies)
  2. A letter from the company addressed to the embassy (please ask for a sample)
  3. A letter from the university to be sent to the email address of the cultural attache (please ask for email address) (here is a sample letter):
  1. Original diploma.
  2. Original transcript.
  3. PCC from the studied country.

Diploma Attestation from Saudi Arabian Cultural Attache Mission (SACM)

There are specific steps for attesting the degrees at the KSA Cultural Mission, SACM in Ankara such as certified translation, notarized translation, if needed, apostille legalization, attestation by the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, getting an appointment, arranging the documents properly.

The Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is a duly authorized and registered agent at the KSA Cultural Mission and Embassy for all the steps mentioned above.

To be able to attest your diploma/degree from the KSA embassy, it is required to have it attested from the cultural attache mission in advance. The cultural attache controls the validity & content of the documents and attests to the diploma if everything is right.

The KSA Cultural Mission SACM in Ankara is responsible for these countries: Turkiye, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Dagestan, Armenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Cyprus, and Croatia. 

After the attestation from the SACM, your diploma is submitted to the KSA embassy for final attestation (valid for Turkish diplomas/degrees, other diplomas must be attested by the KSA embassy in the relevant country of the issued diploma/degree). Then, you will have the right to use your diploma in KSA for working and visa application procedures. And, we are also a registered visa agent for Saudi Arabia Visa Application in Turkey.

Attestation from the KSA embassy will take around 1 week depending on the embassy operations.

As a registered agency, Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency carries out attestation services in a professional manner with affordable prices.