Canada is one of the countries for which many documents were being legalized from the Canadian embassy in Turkey. As of January 11, 2024, Canada has become a member of the Apostille Convention. There is a very big commercial & business relation between Turkey & Canada. Many Turkish citizens are moving to Canada cities in order to work there or study, and there are many Canadians coming to Turkey.

How to Attest Documents from the Canadian Embassy in Turkey

Canada document attestation has important steps to be followed carefully. Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is an expert registered agency for such kinds of operations. There is a chain of the legalization process. Here are the steps to legalize/attest the documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational certificates, etc. issued in Canada from the Canadian embassy or consulate:

After the Apostille Convention came into effect in Canada on January 11, 2024, authenticated documents now come with a standard certificate known as an apostille. This apostille streamlines the process required to validate documents in countries where the convention applies, removing the need for legalization by a consular office from the destination country. Consequently, this development will facilitate the acceptance of Canadian public documents in over 120 countries that are parties to the convention.

Authentication at Canadian offices abroad

Authentication services are available at Canadian embassies, high commissions, and consulates worldwide, offering authentication for various types of documents, including those issued by Vital Statistics offices across Canadian provinces and territories. To determine if your nearest Canadian diplomatic office provides authentication services, please contact them directly. It’s important to note that Canadian offices in the United States typically do not offer authentication services.

If you want to attest Turkish certificates issued by the Turkish authorities in the Canadian embassy, here is the detailed process:

Aa Canada is now a member of the Apostille Convention, the documents and certificates issued in Turkey will be valid in Canada after being apostilled in Turkey.

Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is duly authorized to carry out all these attestation procedures. After completing the attestation, we ship your documents to your address safely with national courier companies or international DHL which costs around USD 50 to 80 or with FedEx or TNT which costs around USD 30 to 60.

Before shipping your document, we send you the scanned version for your reference.

In order to get a quote for your document legalization & attestation apostille from the Canadian Embassy & Consulate in Turkey, please contact us now.