Afghanistan is one of the countries for which many documents are legalized from the Afghanistan embassy in Turkey. There is a big commercial & cultural relationship between Turkey & Afghanistan. Many Afghan citizens are moving to Turkey cities in order to work, study or live in Turkey.

How to Attest Documents from Afghanistan Embassy in Turkey

Afghanistan document attestation has important steps to be followed carefully. Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is an expert registered agency for such operations. There is a chain of the legalization process. Here are the steps to legalize/attest the documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational certificates, etc. issued in Afghanistan or Turkey from the Afghanistan embassy or consulate:

  1. You need to send us the original documents as it is sometimes requested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy; or the scanned versions will be sufficient depending on the document type.
  2. Your certificates are confirmed with the embassy for attestation and submitted to the Afghanistan embassy for attestation.
  3. After the attestation of the Afghan certificates from the embassy of Afghanistan around a few days, your certificates are translated into Turkish, notarized, and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  4. If you need the Turkish certificates to valid in Afghanistan, they have to be translated, notarized & attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassy of Afghanistan.

All this process takes around 1 week depending on the workload of the institutions. And, these steps are charged differently based on the document type and attestation required.

Turkish Translation & Attestation Agency is duly authorized to carry out all these attestation procedures. After completing the attestation, we ship your documents to your address safely with national courier companies or international DHL which costs around USD 50 to 80 or with FedEx or TNT which costs around USD 30 to 60.

Before shipping your document, we send you the scanned version for your reference.

In order to get a quote for your document legalization & attestation from the Afghanistan Embassy & Consulate in Turkey, please contact us now.